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Dear {First_Name},

Just last week, the United Kingdom's House of Commons embraced patient navigation by launching the HP Freeman Patient Navigation program, enabling citizens of the UK to benefit from barrier-free diagnosis, treatment, and care for chronic diseases. Hospitals, community health centers, and government agencies are all beginning to recognize that reducing barriers and disparities in access to necessary resources and care is critical to saving lives.

As you are well aware, patients with cancer and other chronic diseases face daily challenges of getting the right and timely information, from understanding their risk factors and gaining a proper diagnosis, all the way through treatment and survivorship. Patient Navigators can make the difference for these patients by providing them with the information and resources they need to receive the very best care during every stage of their journey through the healthcare system.

Get the Word Out!

Are you a hospital administrator who wants to implement a PN program? Do you want to become a navigator? Have you had a life-changing experience with the HP Freeman Patient Navigation Program? Or are you someone who unfortunately understands first-hand the tragic barriers to critical care and treatment? Your time is now! By spreading the word, the all-important mission of this program to break down barriers and save lives can flourish.

There are so many ways to share the message that Patient Navigation Saves Lives! Breaking down barriers to lifesaving diagnosis, care, and treatment is possible through YOU, sometimes just by encouraging your employer to hire more patient navigators, hanging a poster in the lunchroom, or by simply joining the conversation.

Today we held the launch of the Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Program at the House of Commons in London... the most successful program we have seen here in the UK. The beauty of the program is that it is person-centric and works across any ethnicity and any chronic disease. We look forward to rolling out the program across the UK.

~ Marina Raime, founder of Betterdays Cancer Care, March 8, 2011

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