File containing the API calling code. Partially generated from the WSDL - CallerServices.php.in contains the base file with a placeholder for generated functions and the WSDL version.

Class Description
CallerServices Interface class that wraps all WSDL ports into a unified API for the user. Also handles PayPal-specific details like type handling, error handling, etc.
require_once (PayPal.php) (line 13)

Load files we depend on.

require_once ('PayPal/SOAP/Client.php') (line 14)
require_once ('PayPal/Type/XSDType.php') (line 15)
require_once ('Log.php') (line 16)
PAYPAL_WSDL_VERSION = 2.2 (line 21)

The WSDL version the SDK is built against.

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