Class PayPal


End point for users to access the PayPal API, provides utility methods used internally as well as factory methods.

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Method Summary
static mixed getEndpoints ()
static string getPackageRoot ()
static mixed &getType (string $type)
static void getTypeList ()
static float getWSDLVersion ()
static void raiseError ( $message, [ $code = null])
static method getCallerServices (line 69)

Load a CallerServices object for making API calls.

  • return: A PayPal API caller object.
static CallerServices &getCallerServices (APIProfile $profile)
  • APIProfile $profile: The profile with the username, password, and any other information necessary to use CallerServices.
static method getCallerServicesIntrospection (line 192)

Get information describing which methods are available.

static void getCallerServicesIntrospection ()
static method getEndpoints (line 149)

Returns the endpoint map.

  • return: The Paypal endpoint map or a Paypal error object on failure
static mixed getEndpoints ()
static method getEWPServices (line 103)

Load an EWPServices object for performing encryption operations.

  • return: A PayPal EWP services object.
static EWPServices &getEWPServices (EWPProfile $profile)
  • EWPProfile $profile: The profile with the username, password, and any other information necessary to use EWPServices.
static method getPackageRoot (line 125)

Returns the package root directory.

  • return: The path where the package is installed.
static string getPackageRoot ()
static method getType (line 46)

Try to instantiate the class for $type. Looks inside the Type/ directory containing all generated types. Allows for run-time loading of needed types.

  • return: XSDType | PayPal_Error Either an instance of $type or an error.
static mixed &getType (string $type)
  • string $type: The name of the type (eg. AbstractRequestType).
static method getTypeList (line 168)

Get information describing all types provided by the SDK.

static void getTypeList ()
static method getWSDLVersion (line 137)

Returns the version of the WSDL that this SDK is built against.

  • return: The WSDL version.
static float getWSDLVersion ()
static method raiseError (line 30)

Raise an error when one occurs

static void raiseError ( $message, [ $code = null])
  • $message
  • $code

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